Buffalo Systems

Still made in Sheffield:

At Buffalo, they hold steadfast to their roots. Situated in the heart of Sheffield, England, their workshop continues to be the birthplace of their renowned outdoor gear. Call Buffalo stubborn, but they refuse to compromise on quality. It's why they've kept their production local – allowing them to meticulously control and refine their processes to ensure unparalleled craftsmanship.

Commitment to Quality:

When it comes to crafting outdoor clothing, Buffalo are uncompromising. They source only the most technically advanced fabrics, design for functionality over fleeting fashion trends, and incorporate features that enhance performance in the harshest weather conditions. Buffalo's gear is trusted by serious adventurers worldwide, chosen for its warmth, protection, and unfailing performance.

Heritage and Innovation:

Buffalo's story begins in the late 1970s with mountaineer Hamish Hamilton, who, dissatisfied with existing outdoor gear, drew inspiration from the Arctic Circle's indigenous people. Embracing their technique of utilizing animal hide with fur on the inside, Hamilton pioneered the use of pile fabrics and designed Pertex, a superior shell fabric that revolutionised outdoor gear. With a small workshop in Sheffield, Buffalo was born, introducing the world's first Pertex and Pile sleeping bags and clothing designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts.

The DP System:

Buffalo's innovation continued with the development of the DP System, an ingenious single-layer clothing system combining Pertex and Pile fabrics. The iconic Buffalo Mountain shirt, recognised with the Outdoor Writers Guild Golden Boot award, epitomizes their commitment to excellence and functionality.

Tested by the Wilderness:

Collaborating with outdoor professionals worldwide, Buffalo subject their gear to the most rigorous tests to ensure it meets the demands of the wilderness. Word of mouth has spread, establishing Buffalo as a trusted name among adventurers who rely on their products to deliver on their promises, time and again.

Between You and the Wilderness:

For over 40 years, Buffalo has proudly stood as the bridge between adventurers and the wilderness. We're honored to have journeyed with them alongside our loyal customers, providing gear that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Join us in embracing the spirit of adventure with Buffalo – where quality, innovation, and heritage converge.

Buffalo Active Lite Shirt - Bark

Buffalo Active Lite Shirt

The Buffalo Active Lite Shirt features the Lightweight System - Buffalo Performance 6 Shell with 'Teclite' Micropile lining, overhead garment.This shi...

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Buffalo Active Shirt - Bark

Buffalo Active Shirt

The Buffalo Active Shirt features the DP System - Buffalo Performance 5 Shell with 'AquaTherm' pile lining. An overhead garment ideal for hill-walking...

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Buffalo Belay Jacket

The Buffalo Belay Jacket features the DP System - Classic Pertex shell and 'AquaTherm' pile lining. A lightweight short, compact alternative to the Mo...

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Buffalo Big Face Shirt

DP System - Pertex 6 Shell with 'AquaTherm' pile lining, overhead garment. Designed specifically for climbing, but widely used for mountain biking and...

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Buffalo Curbar Windtop

The Buffalo Curbar Windtop features the Lightweight System - Pertex Equilibrium Shell. Lightweight, windproof, and durable, the soft matt Pertex® Equi...

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Buffalo Cycle Shirt

The Buffalo Cycle Shirt features the DP System - Pertex 6 Shell with 'AquaTherm' pile lining. An overhead garment that's design and highly visible yel...

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Buffalo DP Hood

The Buffalo DP Hood features the DP System - Pertex and 'AquaTherm' pile lining. To maintain overall comfort it is important to insulate the head in c...

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Buffalo Expedition Hood

The Buffalo Expedition Hood has been designed for Winter climbers. It fits over climbing helmets and has a wired visor and a mouth guard to keep both ...

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Buffalo Explorer Shirt

The Buffalo Explorer Shirt is made with an updated Pertex fabric with an updated shirt design. Buffalo use a Pertex Eco outer face fabric, a PFC Free ...

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