Camtech CAM Centre Europe Camouflage Cream

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Camtech Camouflage Cream - Approved by Armed Forces Worldwide

A non-irritant camouflage cream developed to meet the demands for the modern soldier for a cam-cream that is not messy or greasy and does not cause skin problems.

Camtech camouflage cream is non-irritant to the skin and contains only 100% active natural products which cannot cause spots or pimples. It is pigment dense and extremely opaque, so a little goes a long way and also contains a natural sunscreen SPF15+ for protection against sun and muzzle flash. Camtech camouflage cream has been proven to be the very best value camo face paint available in the world today - it is fully NATO coded and approved by numerous armed forces throughout the world.

Camtech camouflage cream is temperature stable from sub-zero to tropical conditions. Three camo colors are supplied in each lightweight and robust compact which has an integral unbreakable styrene mirror and can be easily carried in a soldier's uniform pocket.

Most camouflage creams on the market today are eighty percent Vaseline. They're messy, greasy concoctions that melt as soon as the sun rises and soldier hate using them!

Developed by a leading Dermatologist, Camtech Camouflage Cream contains no mineral oils, volatiles, emulsifiers or other skin irritants and Camtech has become the soldiers choice Worldwide as it cannot cause spots or pimples. The formulation is alcohol-free and therefore safe to stow for travel by air, land or sea.

Camtech camouflage cream is not a cosmetic - it is a dedicated military camo face paint (designated by NATO as PAINT, FACE, CAMOUFLAGE) with a natural sunscreen that is temperature stable from subzero to tropical conditions. Furthermore, Camtech camo cream contains no mineral oils, volatiles, emulsifiers or other skin irritants and cannot cause spots or pimples.

Most importantly, Camtech camouflage cream is 100% active and does contain a natural SPF15+ sunscreen incorporating a balanced ultraviolet (UV) agent to provide protection against sun and muzzle flash and it will not melt in the desert heat, or wash off whilst fording a stream.

No drying time is required with Camtech Camouflage Cream, the finish is super flat and aroma free. The Camtech military camo cream product is pigment dense, so that a little application goes a long way and is extremely opaque. Despite being waterproof, the base formula collapses on contact with soap or detergent, so it is easily removed and does not stain uniforms. Camtech military paint face camouflage has also been thoroughly tested and proven under combat conditions by numerous armed forces throughout the World to be non-irritant, "skin safe" and does not craze visors or perish elasticated uniform fastenings.

Camtech Paint, Face, Camouflage is contained in an impact resistant polypropylene compact with a hinged lid incorporating a lightweight mirror of metalized styrene and three camouflage cream colors. The matt dark green compact is devoid of sharp edges, has a simple clip that can be operated with one hand and lends itself to alternate uses when empty.

NSN 6850-99-305-7050CAM-Centre EuropeLight Green, Brown & Black

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