A4 Expandable Hard Cover Nyrex / Nirex Document Holder

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Lansdale Expandable Hard Cover Display Binders / Nyrex Orders Notebooks are manufactured in the UK with a high quality plastic outer. Can be supplied with your choice of 10, 30 or 50 clear removable pockets.

The pockets are secured with a set of brass screws that can be opened to allow you to remove or add additional loose pockets to the binder as required.

These binders are used by the Army and the Forces and are designed for storing your orders sheets and notes, keeping them safe, dry and together all in one place. This makes them suitable for section commanders and junior officers to use as an orders book or SOP folder while on deployment or when attending courses.

The outer cover is made from strong and durable plastic. They can easily be stored in a bergen or patrol pack.

Once your documents are placed inside the pockets they will be viewable in all weathers and you can make extra notes on the pockets using non-permant markers, so can be wiped away easily when no longer needed.

Bespoke and specially made versions of this product can be made in any colour with a logo, Crest or Company name on the cover, in any size and with a different number of clear loose pockets inside.

These presentation display binders are ideal for displaying price list, catalogues and certificates. Keeps your loose documents protected, waterproof and organised.

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Standard stock colour: Green.

Available in sizes: A4 and A5.

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