Introducing Altberg:

At Altberg, they believe that every step matters. With a heritage dating back over 30 years, they are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality outdoor footwear in the UK.

Craftsmanship and Quality:

Altberg boots are meticulously crafted using traditional techniques and the finest materials to ensure exceptional quality and durability. Altberg's skilled craftsmen and women pay close attention to detail at every stage of the manufacturing process, resulting in footwear that not only looks great but also performs flawlessly in the toughest conditions.

Designed for Adventure:

Whether you're hiking through rugged terrain, trekking in the mountains, or simply exploring the great outdoors, Altberg boots are designed to keep you comfortable and supported every step of the way. From lightweight hiking boots to robust military and police footwear, our range covers a wide variety of outdoor activities and environments.

Comfort and Performance:

At the heart of Altberg footwear is a commitment to comfort and performance. Their boots feature advanced technologies such as ergonomic footbeds, shock-absorbing midsoles, and waterproof membranes to ensure optimal comfort and protection, even on the longest treks.

Made in Yorkshire, England:

Based in Richmond, North Yorkshire, all Altberg boots are proudly made in the factory in the heart of England. Altberg source the majority of our materials locally, supporting British craftsmanship and ensuring the highest standards of quality control.

Join the Altberg Community:

Join us in experiencing the difference that Altberg boots can make to your outdoor adventures. Explore our range of footwear at Lansdale UK and discover why Altberg is trusted by outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, and professionals around the world.

Experience the comfort, quality, and performance of Altberg footwear – where every step is a journey worth taking.