An Idea Born from Thirst:

In 1989, during the grueling Texas "Hotter'N Hell 100" road race, cyclist Michael Eidson devised a solution to stay hydrated. Filling an IV bag with water, he improvised by placing it in a sock and tucking it into his jersey, creating hands-free hydration. This innovative approach caught the attention of fellow cyclist Jeff Wemmer, who later joined CamelBak and embarked on a motorcycle-driven journey, pitching their products across the country. From these humble beginnings, CamelBak emerged as a pioneer in the hydration category, revolutionizing the way people stay hydrated during their adventures.


At CamelBak, their mission is to continuously reinvent outdoor hydration and carry solutions that empower an active lifestyle. From their inception, CamelBak have been driven by courage, conviction, and imagination, striving to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.


We Are Inventors: CamelBak pioneered hands-free hydration and introduced the first BPA-free bottles to the world. We thrive on challenges and innovate to push boundaries.

Better Is Not Enough: Complacency is not in our vocabulary. We're committed to solving problems and taking on impossible challenges to meet the needs of our tribe.

Remember the Why: We deeply care about the impact of our products on people and the environment. Our designs are inspired by market insights and driven by our commitment to making a difference.

We Are Inspired: Our consumers, customers, and colleagues inspire us to push the boundaries of innovation. We do what we do because of them.

Hydration Solutions for Every Adventure:

Hydration is at the core of everything CamelBak do. From their hands-free hydration packs that allow you to seek, sip, and sustain, to their sustainable solutions that evolve with you, CamelBak are committed to keeping you hydrated on your journey.

We've Got Your Bak™:

For us, "Got your BAK™" isn't just a slogan – it's a culture, a state of mind. CamelBak rigorously test their products to ensure they perform flawlessly in the field, helping you focus on your adventure without worrying about equipment failures.

Replace Bottled Water:

The vision at CamelBak is ambitious – to eliminate disposable plastic bottles. Through their commitment to sustainability and innovation, they aim to make a positive impact on the world by reducing plastic waste.

Join Lansdale with CamelBak as we accompany every adventure and join in every journey, providing innovative hydration solutions for the modern explorer.